He Xiao (何啸)

I was born in Beijing, China. In 2002, I entered Peking University (PKU), and in 2006, I obtained the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Technology, with the outstanding student award. Afterwards, I continued to study and research in PKU, and obtained my Ph.D in Computer Software & Theory in 2012.

After I graduated from PKU, I joint University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) as an assistant professor in the faculty of computer science. In 2018, I became an associate professor in USTB. From 2015.8 to 2016.8, I worked in University of Groningen as a visiting scholar.

My main research interests include model-driven engineering, model transformation and bidirectional transformation, software modeling and domain modeling, domain-specific languages, software testing, service-oriented systems, software architecture, and empirical software engineering.

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Office: 北京市海淀区学院路30号 北京科技大学 机电信息楼826室

Email: hexiao@ustb.edu.cn